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Christian scott


Can high blood pressure cause glaucoma?

My mother has high blood pressure, will she develop glaucoma unavoidably in the future?
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  • ebbainthesky


    High blood pressure also know as hypertension. People with high blood pressure can increase a person's risk for developing glaucoma (damage to the optic nerve), according to the Mayo Clinic. But not all people with high blood pressure will led to glaucoma. In fact, glaucoma may also be developed because of a family history of glaucoma, having diabetes or other conditions that affect the eye, using corticosteroids for a long time as well as ethnicity etc.
  • Julia


    High blood pressure is one of the risk factors of glaucoma. High blood pressure can affect intraocular pressure (IOP) and then lead to high eye pressure which can cause glaucoma if it is untreated in time. If you get high blood pressure, you'd better go to see a doctor to have your high blood pressure under control. Otherwise you will develop glaucoma with the high blood pressure untreated. Good luck!