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How does No Line Bifocal glasses Work?

Can anybody explain how no lined bifocal glasses work to enable people see all distances?
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  • Dylan fergus


    No line bifocal glasses are also called progressive lenses. The similar to bifocal glasses, progressive glasses can be made with different prescriptions (prescription to see near, prescription to see midle area and prescription to see far) at one pair of lenses. So, they can help people who have complicated vision problems and need vision aids to see all distances. With a pair of progressive glasses, you needn't take two,or three eyeglasses at one time for different vision purposes.
  • William clive


    No Line Bifocal glasses also called progressive lenses will allow you to see at all directions including near, intermediate and distant vision. No Line Bifocal glasses have multi prescription powers in the same lenses, so people who get presbyopia and also need vision correction for nearsightedness can benefit from progressive glasses which allow them to see close-up objects and the distant objects clearly at the same time without changing glasses. The bottom part of the progressive lenses are used for close-up work and the top part of the lenses are used for distant vision.