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Jackson raphael


Are red star sunglasses only for kid?

I found these red star sunglasses very cute. Can they only be worn by kids? If I wear them, will people laugh at me? i am 21 year old.
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  • David


    No, though there are many kids wear red star sunglasses, there also adults wearing red star sunglasses in a certain occasion such as some parties. you shall form your own appreciation of beauty if you want make yourself different from others. So, just be yourself. I believe wearing a pair of red star sunglasses must make you attracting and distinct from others.
  • Susan Wright


    I don't think red star sunglasses are only used for kids. Most young women can also wear red star sunglasses as long as they look good on you. Red star sunglasses are very specially designed, so people can notice you immediately they see you. If you want to draw others' attention, red star sunglasses can meet your needs exactly. They are eye-catching to make you outstanding among people around you. Before you get them, you should try them on first and see whether they are suitable for you.