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What does narrow angle glaucoma mean?

My grandma was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma, what does it mean?
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  • Alexandra


    Narrow angle glaucoma is kind of eye disease and one type of glaucoma. People with narrow angle glaucoma may feel eye pain, headaches, halos around lights, dilated pupils, vision loss, red eyes, nausea and vomiting etc. It happens when internal eye structures are blocked in this way. Your eyes' internal pressure may spike and possibly damage the optic nerve that transmits images from the eye to the brain.
  • walkwithmir


    Narrow angle glaucoma also called angle-closure (closed-angle) glaucoma can occur suddenly with the symptoms of eye pain, headaches, dilated pupils, red eyes nausea and vomiting and high blood pressure. When the drainage angle of the eye is blocked, then the fluids will increase in the eye, thus lead to narrow angle glaucoma. If the acute narrow angle glaucoma is not treated in time, it will cause vision loss.

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