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Thomas oliver


Do you think people wearing semi rimless glasses look more attractive?

I do not wear glasses, but when I notice a woman wearing semi rimless glasses, I think she is more attractive. What's your opinion?
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  • agilpro


    I have always liked rimless or semi rimless glasses and think that they look really good and enhance the looks of most who wear them. My first pair of glasses where a pair of semi rimless frames that I really liked and I was told many times that I looked really good in them and today my current glasses that I wear most of the time is a pair or rimless glasses and my backup pair are semi rimless and I look good in both of them.
  • Kelly


    It depends. Since each people has their unique face shape and facial features, different people need different eyeglasses. Anyway, personally, i like semi rimless glasses and the eyeglasses i wear now us semi rimless. My friends said that the semi rimless eyeglasses look smart on me. But another friends always failed of wear semi rimless eyeglasses. It is weird when she wear it. In contrast, she look more attractive and and cute in full framed eyeglasses frames.
  • Karen


    Yes. I think so. semi rimless glasses look more dynamic and sleek than both full rimmed and rimless glasses due to their half-rim design. A pair of semi rimless glasses just enhance your look to make you look smart and intelligent. Besides, semi rimless glasses are much lighter than full rimmed glasses, thus make them comfortable to wear. semi rimless glasses are preferred by many businessmen and professionals. In my opinion, people with semi rimless glasses do look more attractive.
  • Diane Bradstock


    That really depends. Nowadays, plenty of people like to wear lens-free glasses to flatter face shape. In that way, glasses are more like a decoration. So you may have a try. One of my friends looks attractive on them, too. Besides semi rimless glasses, there are also full frame glasses and rimless glasses. Some people prefer to the latter two. I suggest you to try them on you to check which one fit you most.

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