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When are floaters dangerous?

I have had an eye floater for about 3 weeks now. the doctor told me that mine is normal floaters and i don't need to worry. He said someone with very severe cases of floaters will need to be treated immediately to prevent blindness. So i want to know when floaters are dangerous?
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  • Juan


    Usually, eye floaters by themselves are not dangerous. It is just a symptom of another eye condition. many people see eye floaters due to the natural aging process of their eyes. However, big floaters can pull on the retina and cause a retinal detachment. But it is seldom happen to people with eye floaters. And if you see a shower of floaters and spots, sometimes accompanied by light flashes, you shall seek medical attention immediately for sake of your healthy eyes.
  • maria calderin


    In most cases, floaters won't be dangerous and will become less noticeable over time. However, if you find floaters affect your vision and you can't see things clearly, you need to go to see a doctor to have them treated. Otherwise, they will cause some other serious problems. When you get floaters in one eye suddenly and your vision is blocked by them, you should go to see a doctor immediately.
  • Aaron lewis


    I will conclude several dangerous symptoms of floaters for you: First is abnormal flash. Second, flying mosquitoes is increasing in a short period of time. Third, your have a feeling that your sight is blocked. Because there is small number of floaters can be a sign of serious illness, so experts believe that if there is a group of flying mosquito dancing before your eyes, you should go to hospital for test. If you have serious problems, then you should have a treatment quickly.