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Susan Wright


What are some risk factors of retinal detachment?

I have heard that people with high myopia can get retinal detachment easily. What are some risk factors of retinal detachment?
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  • Anthony cecil


    I heard that retinal detachments caused by tears in the retina is fairly low. Now, many risk factors contribute to retinal detachments are recognized. They are caused by certain diseases of the eyes, and cataract surgery, and trauma to the eye. And retinal detachments are happen to people in any age. Younger adults who are with strong nearsighted and older people who after having cataract surgery are likely to get retinal detachment.
  • Mona


    Aging is a risk factor of retinal detachment. People who are older than 40 are likely to develop retinal detachment. If you have previous retinal detachment in one eye, you are easy to get retinal detachment in the other eye. Besides, a history of retinal detachment in family is also a risk factor of retinal detachment. People with high myopia are likely to develop retinal detachment. What's more, previous eye surgery, such as cataract removal and severe eye injury or trauma are the risk factors of retinal detachment.
  • Melanie gerard


    There are several factors. 1 Retinal detachment usually occur to patients with myopia. 2 The extraocular muscle may cause the Retinal detachment. 3 Eyeball that is hurt by blunt trauma can develop into a retinal detachment. 4 Some cases of retinal detachment occurred in the same family, the disease may be genetic, and there may be a recessive genetic or an irregular dominant inheritance.
  • Rebecca


    Aging is mainly a cause for retinal detachment in people order than 40. Moreover, if you once have retinal detachment in one eye or your family members who got it, it is easy to have retinal detachment. Besides, if you are extreme nearsightedness or you have eye surgery,severe eye injury or trauma,other eye disease or disorder, then you will have a change to have retinal detachment. Hope this helpful.
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