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Can wearing contacts cause astigmatism?

Is it possible to lead to astigmatism because of wearing too much contact lenses? Why or why not?
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    Well, of course not. Wearing too much contact lens can not lead to astigmatism. And generally speaking, contact lens can do a better job to correct the astigmatism. As we know that astigmatism is merely a visual condition of the eye that is caused by its shape, just like myopia and hyperopia. You should know that astigmatism is the result of an eye, which has two different powers, and it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. And because of these different powers, it can lead to blurry vision, shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches. But on the other hand, according to the doctors, you can just wear contact lenses to correct it, and contact lenses can be better than glasses.
  • Vivian


    Yes, it is possible to lead astigmatism because of wearing too much contact lenses. It is called the acquired astigmatism. It is due to trauma. If you wear the not qualified contact lenses and get the oppression, you will cause the corneal shape changes. Then it may cause the astigmatism. There is another reason of willfulness astigmatism. It is mainly due to the refractive interstitial eyes of the curvature result. There is another physiological astigmatism. It is mainly due to the eyelids extrusion corneal and physiological factors. The general performance for corneal former interface vertical bending is slightly big. There is another astigmatism called the crystal astigmatism. The surface of the lens on the meridian of different curvature can cause the cone crystal and so on. You could get the surgery to cure the astigmatism.
  • Catherine


    Well, it seems that you like to wear contact lenses on a regular basis. Anyway, you should know wearing contact lenses too much would give rise to some side effects, such as an increase in your astigmatism, which is quite terrible. As far as I know, if you do not have astigmatism, contact lenses would not lead you to it. However, if the contact lenses are scratched, you are likely to get astigmatism. So, you should wear less of them,

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