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How long to keep tea bags on my eye ?

One of my friends told me that tea bags can help reduce dark circles. So, i am trying to do it. But can you tell me how much time shall i keep the tea bags on my eyes?
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  • anderson


    After you drink the tea, you should leave the tea bag which could be used to reduce the dark circles. You just put the tea bags on the eyes part and wait for about fifteen minutes and take it off. Usually the fifteen minutes are enough. Or else, the longer time will make the tea bags dry which will not moisture your eyes.
  • Kristy Prince


    I have heard of that too. It is bad to have dark under eyes. It makes people look tired and older than their actual age. Usually it is caused by poor sleeping. Take a good rest and it might get better. Good sleeping is very important to people's skin. Put tea bags could help reduce the dark circles to some extent. Just don't leave them there too long. 5-10 minutes should be fine. Take them off before they are getting dry. Yet Good sleeping is the basic and the first choice for you.
  • Collin Wallace


    Well, it is true that tea bags would be helpful in reducing your dark circles under your eyes. And maybe you are concerned that the tea bag would fall off your face. So, here what I advise to you is to put the tea bag on your eyes, then apply a piece of facial mask so that the tea bag would not slide down. In the meantime, your skin could be moisturized. Hope you find this useful.