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How long to keep cucumbers on eyes?

I heard that using place cucumber slice on eyes can reduce dark circles and swelling eyes. But can you tell me how long should i keep the cucumbers on my eyes?
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  • Erin


    Actually the cucumber slice on the eyes can really reduce your dark circles and swelling eyes because of the inner large amount of water. Besides the function to help you reduce the dark circles under the eyes and swelling eyes, it can also make your skin look moisture and elastic. The cucumber slice can take the redundant quantity of the heat to make your skin look refresh. In addition, it can make your skin look white and smooth. Usually you should cut the cucumber into slices and then adopt them on the face for about fifteen minutes. Then the cucumbers will be squeezed out of the water. You should put them off.
  • come__tomorrow


    Well, it seems that you have got dark circles under the eyes, so, I quite appreciate your efforts to fix them. Anyway, if you want to fix the cucumber slices on your eyes, what you need to do is to cover a facial mask on your face, which could make the slices fixed and could also benefit your skin health. Hope you find this useful. And let the cucumber on your eyes for about 15-20 minutes.
  • consilium_capit


    Cucumber is natural vegetable, which is good for your body as well skin. I am not sure whether cucumber slice could definitely help reduce dark circles or not. Yet putting it on eyes is good for your skin. Don't leave it too long. Take it off before it goes dry. My suggestion is resting regularly. Don't stay up late. Sleeping is very important to skin. If the dark circle is a long term situation, and you actually sleeps well, then you might go to see a doctor and take a detailed check, because it might indicate some problem arises in body.