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John C.


What circle lenses does kotakoti wear?

It seems that kotakoti wears circle contact lenses. Can you tell me what type of circle contact lenses she wears?
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  • Dip


    Well, looks like you are really into kotakoti right ? So as a matter of fact, she is quite a blond with a pair of sea blue eyes, which are of extreme attraction to men. However, sometimes she likes to wear some contact lenses in order to make her eyes appear more attractive. Actually, the type of contact lenses she chooses are not different from what we choose, maybe hers are of better quality and price.
  • Jon


    Kotakoti wears Geo angel blue circle lenses in the video. She looks beautiful and charming at the eyes. If you want to wear the circle contact lenses to make you look different and special, you could go to the online store to have a look. You could have the good habit of hygiene which is very important for your sanitary of wearing the circle contact lenses.