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Can circle lenses be prescribed?

I wonder if circle lenses can be prescribed. Can i possibly get circle lenses with prescription?
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  • Lainey


    Yes, it can be like that. You can wear prescribed circle lenses, which has similar function as the regular contact lenses. The function of them is helping with your vision problems, mainly are myopia and hyperopia. In general, they are not dangerous. you had better wear them for 6 hours each day. On the other side, they can improve beauty of your appearance. By the way, you should take an eye exam to test whether you need to change your contact lenses because of the changing of your vision.
  • Rick Johnson


    The circle lenses are just like the common transparent contact lenses, owning the ones with prescription and the ones with no prescription. You could get the circle lenses with no prescription to just improve the beauty. You could also do the makeup to make the eyes look big and attractive. I strongly suggest you to buy one from the online stores.