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What is the style of John Lennon's sunglasses?

I need some information about celebrities in sunglasses. What is the style of John Lennon's sunglasses?
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  • Rickey Stumphf


    John Lennon's sunglasses originated in the 1960's refer to the round glasses frames and lenses with a wire frame. So John Lennon's sunglasses are also called round sunglasses. They are usually some sort of opaque coating such as mirror sunglasses or very dark tinted prescription sunglasses. And now these round style sunglasses become fashionable and the latest trends due to the vintage design.
  • Arianna


    We usually talking about John Lennon's sunglasses are type of small round sunglasses. With the fashion trends of retro vintage style come back, John Lennon's round small sunglasses also become popular. They are not just popular among men, but also women and young girls. And many designer brands begin to sell sunglasses inspired from John Lennon's round small sunglasses. Among them, Ralph Lauren are made the best round sunglasses that like John Lennon wearing.

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