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How to remove the stuck contact lenses in my eyes?

The contact lenses have been in my eyes for two days and I have tried many ways, but they don't work. Pls help.
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    Before you start to remove the suck contact lenses in your eyes, you should wash your hands clean. Then put several drops of rewetting eye drops to lubricate your eye, which make it easier to remove the suck contact lenses. Next, locate your suck or rolled-up contact lenses and then pick out the contact lenses with the tip of your fingers. If you can't remove them right away, wait for a while and repeat this as long as you're not in pain. Otherwise, you should go to see a doctor.
  • croatiadiary


    Getting contact lenses stucked in eyes is a common occurrence among people wearing contact lenses. Lenses may likely be stucked when your eyes dry out or you rub them. Don't worry, you can lubricate your eyes with rewetting drops. The solution will add moisture to your dry eyes so as to loosen the contact lenses, thus to make it easier to remove. Or you can make yourself cry in some way that allow time for your tears to wash the lenses out of the corner of your eyes.
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