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Benjamin gary


What are the risks of having cataract surgery?

My mother had cataract and she need surgery to remove it. What are the risks of having cataract surgery?
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  • Stacy


    It is true that it need take risks for having cataract surgery. So, you shall choose an experienced surgeon to reduce the risk of make vision worse. But i heard that the risk of losing all vision or of requiring removal of the eye after the operation is extremely remote. Anyway, there are risks such as eye infection, eye bleeding and disturbance to the retina. Nevertheless, still lots of people prefer to take the risks because they are really rare.
  • David garcia


    There are some small risks of having cataract surgery. The most common one is posterior capsule opacification (PCO) which you may develop between six months and five years after cataract surgery. If you develop PCO, you may need another laser eye surgery. While some other risks of having cataract surgery are much rarer. They might be eye infection, bleeding in the eye, retinal detachment, tearing of the lens capsule and vision loss.