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What are some good brands for Athletic Sunglasses?

I want to purchase a high quality pair of athletic sunglasses. Can you recommend good brands for Athletic Sunglasses?
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  • Melanie smith


    " If you often swim, you can choose Speedo swim sunglasses(also called swim goggle). Speedo is one of the most recognized names in athletic equipment. It offers many different models of swimming goggles. I heard that he famous althelte Phelps worn Speedo swim goggles in bejing Olympic. Or if you prefer other sports like cycling or fishing, you can choose Oakley athletic sungalsses. Oakley is one of a fanous brands for a great of sport sunglasses. A nd you can also buy customized Oakley athletic sungalsses according to your needs. "
  • Saarah


    Adidas is a good brand for athletic sunglasses. They have Tri-Fit system which can help you choose the the athletic sunglasses best for you. In addition, you can either wear Adidas sports sunglasses as regular sunglasses or as sports goggles with a strap. Adidas athletic sunglasses are one of the most comfortable sunglasses to wear because they have Adidas' climacool pad. Oakley sports sunglasses are also good for sports. They can be customizd to fit you exactly to make you stand out and unique.

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