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Mackenzie rose


What are the best sunglasses for short noses?

Do you have any idea to choose sunglasses for people with short nose? Please give me some recommendation.
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  • Benji


    People with short nose should never try too big frame sunglasses, which would make the nose seem smaller. And wearing sunglasses with high pad can serve as a foil to nose, then it may seems bigger. However, sunglasses choosing need to base on lots of factors except the nose, such as your hair style, your hair color, skin color, face shape, even figure. I suggest you to try on some sunglasses at the glasses store or you can get advice from the shop assistant.
  • Savannah


    Sunglasses are necessities for you for the purpose of eye protection as well as facial ornament. Apparently, the latter purpose matters a little bit more, I should say. The choosing of sunglasses involves many concerns, the shape of your nose included. For a short nose, I think that sunglasses with thicker frames would look the best for their nose pieces can make the frames sit close to the forehead and bridge of the nose. Remember that the higher of your sunglasses frames is up the bridge, the longer your nose will seem to be. Let me take aviator sunglasses for an instance which are not bad choices for short nose as they can magically make your short nose seem longer and bigger. Of cause any type of sunglasses similar to the Aviator one would be THE ONE.
  • Calvin


    Regards to the person who has a short nose, I have some suggestions with the sunglasses wearing. The frame of sunglasses should be tiny and light colored. The exaggerative style may not be so suitable for you. If the frame is big and dark colored, it may seem that the nose was flattening by the heavy glasses. The exquisite and elegance sunglasses will drive people's attention to the decorations and brands of the sunglasses from your nose. Hope my suggestions are useful for you!