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Do transition lenses have uv protection?

I just want to know if transition lenses provide UV protection? IS it worth to buy transition lenses?
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  • Susie Washington


    Yes, transition lenses provide UV protection and prevent your eyes far from the damage of ultraviolet radiation, which is quite a necessity and convenience for your eyes. Because they can automatically turn dark and protect the wearer's eyes from uv radiations and strong sunlight when in sunshine while change into transparent as the regular eyeglasses when indoors. Therefore, transition lens also called photochromic lenses. It's worth to buy transition lenses for reputed band designed by lens manufacturers Essilor, Hoya and Shamir are available with high tecnology of Transitions photochromic lens, and there are various of famous band such as Transitions, Reactolite and Graduations also have high quality and stylish transition lenses.
  • chronojwl


    Well, of course, transition lenses have uv protection. So you do not need to worry about the uv rays, which can be harmful for your eyes. And also, you should know that the transition lenses will get darker over the time. And in other words, transition lenses are known as "photochromatic" lenses, and they are served as sunglasses to darken under bright sunlight. Also, by wearing them, it can protect your eyes from the strong light. So in my opinion, you can just buy them to have a try. And that can be good.
  • Falcon


    From my point of view, it is worth to buy transition lenses. Transition lenses change from clear to dark when there is ultraviolet light and block 100% of harmful UV rays. And transition lenses are perfect choice for children, anyone with special eye care needs, and those who spend a large quantity of time outdoors.

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