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What are the best sunglasses for high nose bridge?

I have a high nose bridge. It is boring sometimes especially when i buy sunglasses and eyeglasses. So, Can you give me any idea? What types of sunglasses will look good on me?
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  • Cameron


    Sure I can give you some suggestions. You have high nose bridge you can go and try some sunglasses such as the ANtix and The batwolf, if you want to have a try you can go to the Oakley website and find the dealer locator. What's more, Oakley "wire" frame glasses is high recommended since you can bend the wire frames or the nose pads to fit your face.
  • Rebecca


    The best sunglasses for big noses should be able to compliment your nose or create a contrast to make it look smaller and in place. They should have oversize frames and a low wide nose bridge to make it appear shorter.Here are a few tips to help you choose better while buying the a good designer pair of sunglasses for big noses.
    1. Choose a thicker frame that draws attention horizontally, away from your nose to the ears
    Go for a low bridge. This will raise the lenses higher, drawing attention away from the nose
    2. Wide lenses help make the facial features appear smaller especially the nose
    3. Dark solid colors highlight the sunglasses making them more prominent than your nose
    4. Square or rectangular frames give a bold illusion to the face drawing attention away from your nose
    5. Choose wrap around glasses
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  • Miranda


    I think sunglasses with high pad can make you feel better because the low pad sunglasses may make your nose even higher. You should never wear the sunglasses with small sunglasses, your nose will seem bigger in the contrast. There are lots of factors that need to be considered when choosing sunglasses, such as face shape, hair color, skin color, hair style, figure, etc. You'd better shop at the real store, and then the shop assistant can provide you the perfect one based on your own situation.
  • walkingtragd


    In my experience, most of the people always like the high nose bridge. The low nose bridge people always envy the high nose ones. They think the high nose bridge is angular and impressive. You can make a cool appearance when you wear sunglasses. No matter the exaggerative style sunglasses, the dark frame ones or colorful ones, they could be suitable to match the high bridge nose people. They can give us the vision impact of cool feeling. The tiny sized frame of sunglasses may not serve you best. Try the new fashion of vintage with big frame, you will find your face become glamorous. Believe me!