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William clive


Does ice help tired eyes?

One of my friend told me that ice can help people with tired eyes. Is this real? How can ice help tired eyes?
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  • catchingthought


    In fact, cold compresses are highly effective for tired eyes. To relief your tired eyes, using ice are good home remedies to save your tired eyes. You can take ice cubes from the freezer and put them into clean bags, placing them horizontally in a line on your eyes for several minutes. It's quite easy, convenient, and helpful. Because the cold ice will help constrict blood vessels and decrease fluid accumulation, cool and numb the area as well. The ice will make your eyes feel refreshed and repel your tired and puffy eyes. What's more, cold compresses is a good method of alleviation of headaches, relief from clogged sinuses, and first aid for burns and trauma. Most importantly, you should get enough sleep and eat more fruits and vegetables if you really want to completely get rid of tired eyes.
  • Arianna walker


    Some short term remedies can help you to cope with tired eyes, ice treatment is one of them. Wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and apply to your eyes. The ice will help to refresh you almost immediately. You can apply the ice for 10 minutes. Remove it for 10 minutes and then re-apply. There is almost no imperceptions for our tired eyes, so we need some stimulation. Ice can act as the stimulation, and hot compress can do this as well.
  • Geoff Beckett


    Yes, it is real. Actrually a lot of cold compresses are very effective for tired eyes. such as ice and cold-cucumber compress, as cold temperatures can release and relax your eyes. You can put some ice cubes in a clean cloth and press them against the eyes for some time. What's more, it has the function of reducing for your puffy eyes.
  • everybody_cares


    Yes, the ice do help with tired eyes. Wrap a ice cube in a napkin and place it on your eyes. You can also rub the ice cube around your eyes gently to freshen up your tired eyes. The cold from the ice helps get rid of the remnant sleep from your eyes.