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What are manuka honey benefits for eyes?

Does manuka honey really good for eyes? What are the eye benefits of manuka honey?
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    Hello, Manuka honey is from New Zealand and is touted as having good anti-bacterial function. It is highly recommended for healing properties. What's more, it is good for treating eye infections, eye wrinkles, dry eyes and some other eye problems. You can use some eye drops of manuka honey in it.
  • Logan hall


    Manuka honey can be used in lots of places, such as resisting the bacterium, curing skin ulcer, comforting stomach, etc. And basically, it's a kind of honey, so manuka honey has the moisture usage. If you suffer from eye infection, you can use manuka honey diluted water to wash your eye around, and drink manuka honey water or put it in your daily meal. It can enhance our immune system as well, we may not easily get infection or dry eyes, etc.
  • Melanie


    Manuka honey is quite good for eyes, especially for eye infections. Manuka honey can be used to relief eye infections because it contains antibacterial ingredients as well as rich vitamins. You can mix moderate amount of manuka honey with pure clean water to make self made eye drops, which is quite effective for eye infections. Besides, Manuka honey is an all natural remedy that can be used to help alleviate a sore throat, and fever blisters. You can also take manuka honey to strengthen your immune system and prevent from catching a cold. In all, manuka honey is not only wholesome for your eyes but also good for you to build a strong body.