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How do you think a girl in thick framed glasses?

I know many guys like to wear thick framed glasses and it does look cool on them. But how do you think a girl wearing such glasses?
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  • Sig


    Personally, eyeglasses are designed for people with poor vision caused by nearsightedness. So, a girl with thick framed glasses must be a good student, hard working people. Most of them are very tender. And she must be a person who say less and do more. Or maybe she is introvert, enjoys parties in short doses but prefers to be home reading or spending time with her pet.
  • Danai P.


    Some girls look very chic and stunning with thick franed glasses on. While some of them look stupid when they wear thick framed glasses. I have some friends who the thick frame style glasses and they glasses do look good on them. If you choose the right pair of thick framed glasses, they will make you look very sexy, smart and pretty. So if you wnat to choose the thick framed glasses, just make sure it suits your personality.
  • Jason


    The hottest glasses for any girl students right now should be the thick black framed glasses. You should take a look around your class and you will find those glasses are everywhere. They make you appear super cute and emo the minute you have them on. They can also be made from super durable materials so that the one pair you get for yourself can last very long.