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Did a Concussion Affect My Eyesight ?

I suffered a concussion few months ago. Now I have some vision problems. This never happens before. Did the concussion affect my eyesight?
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  • walkaboutpnw


    Concussion can affect our eyesight. Eyesight can be affect if hemorrhage or intracranial lesion is too near to the visual cortex caused by a concussion. But your vision problems may be caused by other reasons. So I suggest you to have your eyes checked by a professional eye doctor immediately.
  • Mariah


    I think a concussion will not cause permanent visual problems. But concussion may affect eyesight for the concussion often associated with stress. If the stress cause any affect near our eyes, macular fluid will run into retina and cause vision problems. But the fluid will reabsorb on its own, usually within three to four months.