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What causes the eye to twitch of the upper eyelid?

In recently, my upper eyelid always suffered from uncontrollable twitches. Is this so called eye twitching? Is this mean some bad thing will happen to me? Or what causes it? And how can i stop it?
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  • Karen


    Yes, it is eye twitching. The twitch of the upper eyelid can be caused by many reasons such as eye strain, fatigue, dry eye, trauma, injury to the eyes or brain. The superstition goes that there are some bad things will happen if the left eyelid twitches. But it doesn't make any sense. If you have good sleep in the night, relax yourself, the symptom will totally disappear.
  • walkersville


    Pressure can cause the upper eyelid to twitch. You can relieve your twitching eyes by relax yourself and keep a balanced tired. You can also have some eye exercises. Alcohol and caffeine can cause eye twitching too. So you must avoid take too much alcohol or caffeine if you want to stop eye twitching.