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Is cucumber juice good for eyes ?

I heard that cucumber is good for eyes. I have a bowl of cucumber juice at hand. Is cucumber juice good for eyes too?
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  • John


    I think cucumber juice is good for our eyes. You can put the cucumber juice in the refrigerator for several minutes. Then you should dip a clean piece of cloth in the cucumber juice and then cover your closed eyes with this cloth. Remember not to get the remains into your eyes. The coolness is good for the swollen and irritated eyes. The juice can whiten our skin.
  • Shirley


    Cucumber juice is good for our eyes too. It can hydrate eyes, relieve tiredness and puffy eyes. It can combat against oil, help to prevent acne and sooth sunburn if we apply it on our skin. You can drink the cucumber juice for cucumber juice is good for our whole body. Besides, cucumber can help to relieve dark circles under our eyes too.