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What Causes Chronic Red Eye?

I get chronic red eye. My eyes are often red and itching. Can you tell me what will cause chronic red eye and how to cure it?
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  • el_chupa_cabra


    Chronic red eye can be caused by lasik eye surgery, computer using, infections and so on. Chronic red eye also can be a sign of some eye disease. So I suggest you to have your eyes checked by a professional doctor. If it was not caused by eye disease, you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes. And avoiding rubbing your eyes with dirty hand and using computers for a long time.
  • William edward


    Chronic red eye can be caused by contagious pink eye. If the viral are not killed by medicines, red eye will appear again and again until you killed the viral. Or if you are allergic to dust or smokes, you are working in such kind of environment, this will cause chronic red eye too. The best way to solve your problem is to change the work place.