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Connor scott


Does Vitamin A Help Eyesight?

I want to improve my eyesight. I heard that vitamin a is good for our eyesight. Really? Where can I buy vitamin a? How can I get vitamin a through dietary supplement?
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  • Nancy


    Vitamin A is one of the critical nutrients which can help with our eyesight. Deficiency of vitamin A may lead to corneal ulcers, damage to the retina. Vitamin A can help us to see things clearly. and Vitamin A can also help protect your eyes from infection. The pigment in retina of our eyes are produced by vitamin A.
  • Dan Samberg


    Yes, Vitamin A can help with eyesight. You can take the foods that are rich in Vitamin A to improve your eyesight. Vitamin A can be found in lots of foods such as watermelon, cantaloupe, yellow and red peppers, spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes. And Vitamin A drops can help relieve dry eye syndrome too.
  • Zoe Wang


    Protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are good for the eyes. Actually, you can absorb these nutrients from meat,milk, carrot,spinach and so on. Some food contain rich Vitamin A such as green pepper, fragrant-flowered garlic, orange and so on.
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