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how to get rid of eye bags with cucumber ?

I have heavy eye bags. I heard that cucumbers can help with eye bags. Can you tell me how to get rid of eye bags with cucumber?
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  • Robert murphy


    Cucumbers can help get rid of eye bags if your eye bags are just caused by an eye infection or drinking too much water before going to bed. You can chill the cucumber slices before applying on your closed eyes. Then apply this for 15 minutes every time. The coolness can contract the vessels around your eyes and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Danielle lewis


    Cucumber is one of the natural home remedies to cure our eye bags. Other remedies for eye bags are creams and gels or surgery treatments. You can also use cool tea bags to reduce eye bags. Surgery treatments are often used when eye bags are caused by aging and usually they are not easy to get rid of by other ways. And this should be the last choice.