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What are the Best Contact Lenses for Sensitive Eyes ?

My eyes are very sensitive. They are easy to get red and infected. They are also sensitive to light. But I really want to buy a pair of contacts for contacts are more convenient than glasses and I just broke my glasses yesterday. What are the best contacts for sensitive eyes? Can you give me any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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  • Arianna griffin


    I think you can get a pair of best contacts for sensitive eyes. it is said that Photo Credit contact lens are designed for the people who have sensitive eyes. Your infection may be caused by smoke, dust, allergies, lack of oxygen to the eye surface or inability to produce adequate lubrication. But I have to tell you that many people who have sensitive eyes often find it difficult to wear contact lenses for vision correction. So choose the contact lenses that are manufactured to work with easily irritated eyes may be safer.
  • Robert ja


    dear friend, if your eyes are easy to be infected when wearing glasses, I doubt that whether contacts will bring you a bigger chance to get an infection in the future, because we need to put them into our eyes directly, any bacteria will lead to infection. I suggest you to buy the monthly expired contacts for a try first. If you found that they are not suitable for you, you can try a pair of free glasses given out by Firmoo if you take part in its activities.
  • Rebecca


    The best contact lenses for dry eyes are soft contact lenses, as opposed to rigid ones. Soft contacts have been developed over the last few decades and made of special polymers, or plastics, that actually allow the lenses themselves to hold water. These soft polymers also are permeable, allowing oxygen to pass through, quite literally letting your eyes breathe. The cornea has to receive oxygen through the air, as it has no blood vessels of its own. Consequently, oxygen permeability is an extremely important characteristic of contact lenses, especially contact lenses for dry eyes.
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