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Nicholas campbell


What sunglasses are suitable for high cheekbones?

I have large and very high cheekbones. When I wear my current pair of sunglasses, they sit on my cheeks. What kind of sunglasses should I get?
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  • John C.


    You can choose sunglasses with oval or rimless frames that will complement wide or high cheekbones. Besides, sunglasses with wraparound designs will wrap around your face and slim down the eye area. In addition, you can also choose sunglasses with little nose rest pads. It will grips your nose and cheeks thus to give you good looks. Good luck.
  • Matthew


    Since you have high cheekbone, you shall avoid big/oversized sunglasses which almost sit on your cheeks. To compliment your face, you can try some smaller framed sunglasses. If you want designer one, you can try brands sunglasses such as Christian Dior, Vera Wang or Gucci etc. Also, sunglasses with little nose pads may enhance your look. Anyway, you shall try on them so as to make a right decision.

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