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Can dry eyes cause retinal detachment?

I am afraid that retinal detachment will happen to me. i think retinal detachment is one serious eye disease. I wonder if dry eyes will cause retinal detachment?
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  • Myra Taylor


    Retinal detachment is one of common disease which do harm to the patients' eyes. If you find that you've got this disease, you should go to see the doctor immediately because if treatment is delayed, it may bring great harm to you and at worst it may made you blind. OF course Retinal detachment is not cause by dry eyes. Near-sightedness, aphakia, age, retinosis, external injuries are the main causes. It is reported that if you are high myopia, you have great chance to have this disease. At present, there is one common solution: surgery. Whether the surgery works or not depends on patients themselves. But when you finish this surgery, it is best for you to stay in bed and have enough rest.
  • williams


    Belonging to one serious eye disease, the retinal detachment can be mostly happened among those people with high prescription. And the dryness may cause the retinal detachment for the near sighted people. If you are near sighted, you should get away from the active movements which may cause the retinal detachment. However, for the common people, the too strong knock will cause the retinal detachment, either.
  • Jacqueline


    I never heard that dry eyes can cause retinal detachment. In fact, i just search it online, and there is no evidence to show that dry eyes can cause retinal detachment. Usually, retinal detachments often occurs to people who with very serious vision problems like myopia or hyperopia etc. Besides, retinal detachments also often occurs for people who were engaged in fierce sports activities.
  • Zoe murphy


    Well, generally speaking, dry eyes can not cause retinal detachment. You should know that there are many factors which can lead to retinal detachment, such as eye injury, severe high blood pressure. But on the other hand, most people with detached retina risk factors will not develop a detached retina. So you should not worry about it too much. And it is possible that people without risk factors will develop a retinal detachment. If you have some questions about retinal detachments, you can talk with your doctor. He or she can recommend detached retina symptoms to watch for and a schedule for regular eye exams.