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Christina nelson


How to adjust ray ban aviator sunglasses?

I bough a pair of ray ban aviators. Do you guys know how can i adjust my sunglasses to fit me better?
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  • crazyforluke


    As we know that Rayban aviator sunglasses do have nose pads. If you would love to adjust the nose pads in order to make it fit you better, you need to lightly bend the arms holding the plastic pads, or loosen the screws holding the pads to adjust their angle. Be sure to hold the frames securely by the bridge. You can follow the below steps. 1. Gather tools, a micro screwdriver is necessary if you desire to adjust the angle of each pad. 2. Loosen the pads, to adjust the general placement of the pads, hold the bridge securely, and gently bend the metal arms into place. For more specific tweaking, loosen the screws of each pad, and adjust the angles to your liking.3. Try out your newly adjusted glasses, before re-tightening the pads, always check to make sure you are satisfied.


    If you want to adjust the sunglasses to fit you better, you have to take the clothing and other accessory into consideration. The ray ban aviators sunglasses give people the impression of coolness. You'd better wear the leisure clothing and sports shoes to match with it.The whole look will be in harmony.
  • elen_t


    If you want to make the aviator sunglasses fit you better, you shall first of all try on your ray ban aviator sunglasses and observe and feel them sunglasses what parts need to be adjusted. Then, you can adjust the aviator sunglasses according your needs. In order to not damages your sunglasses by accident, you'd better have an optician adjust it to you. Usually, you can go the stores where you bought and ask them adjust to you. They won't charge you.
  • walkidiot


    Well, they are actually very popular with many people. You should know that they were the first company to actually design eyewear that was intended to protect the eyes from the sun while still looking good. They have perfect the materials used in the frames. Frames made of carbon fiber are ideal for sunglasses because it allows them to be very lightweight while at the same time being both strong and flexible. This is also the advantage of ray ban sunglasses. But in my opinion, it is not about how to adjust them. If you wear them for a few days, you will feel good and have no problem about it. So do not worry about it. Just know something more about them and have a try.

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