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John eddy


Where can i buy glasses like lebron james?

I am looking for stylish glasses like that lebron james wears? Do you know stores that sell this kind of glasses. Your answer will be appreciated.
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    Once the sunglasses worn by the famous star and are pictured on the magazines or movies, they must be in popular selling. Thus, you can go on the line to search such type and then base on the similar type to buy form the online store because the price is suitable.
  • cmg6891


    I just search in Google. And find he usually wear black eyeglasses, and flip-up eyeglasses. So, what are you look for? If you just want to buy the black eyeglasses he worn. It is very easy cases. You can find such black framed eyeglasses in almost every eyeglasses shop both real store and online shop. If you look for flip up eyeglasses, you can try to search it out at eBay.