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What to do if i get rubbing alcohol in my eye ?

I got rubbing alcohol in my eye this morning and i wash my eyes with water. Is there something else i should do? What are they. Should i see an eye doctor?
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  • Rick Johnson


    It is ok for you to wash your eyes when you got rubbing alcohol in your eye. You don't have to see an eye doctor. But if you are still worry about it, you can use eyewash and feel uncomfortable, you can go to see a doctor. Next time if you rub acid and alkali in your eye, you should use some soda or vinegar instead of water.
  • Brandon cook


    It is painful to get rubbing alcohol in your eyes. If it is not seriously, After wash your eyes with lots of water, it will be OK soon. But if still doesn't work, you shall apply some eye drops such as Systane, Refresh, or other preservative free brand etc. If it still can't help, you'd better visit an doctor to treat your eyes.
  • Adam peters


    Both drinking or rubbing alcohol will cause chemical burn on the cornea and conjunctiva. It is very painful condition and predispose the patient to infection.More than likely you just rinsed out the natural oils and tear film and the eyes feel a little dry.This can disrupt the ph of your tear film. Likely your eyes will return to normal within 24-48 hours. Rinse your eyes with sterile saline solution, unisol is a brand available in most drugstores. Just rinse your eyes for a few moments. Then instill preservative free artificial tears (systane, refresh, or other preservative free brand) every 2 hours today and then 4x's a tomorrow. If no improvement in symptoms by tomorrow, then see an eye doctor. You may need an anti-biotic or anti-inflammatory eye drops to help resolve. Also, if you note excessive crusting around eyelashes upon waking, increasing light sensitivity or continuous mucus discharge see an eye doctor.
  • walkinginlight


    Well, I think you have done a good job. When the rubbing alcohol has got into your eyes, the first thing is to wash your eyes quickly. This is the most normal way for everyone to do. Then you also can use some cool cloth to make the eyes become cooler. Also, you can put some cucumber on your eyes. In this way, I think they can relieve your symptom. If you feel good, you may not need to go and see an eye doctor. But if you still feel painful or something else, just see an doctor as soon as possible.
  • Mya harris


    If the alcohol put into your eyes is small amount, that is OK. You just use the clean water to wash the eyes and use the eye drops to release the symptom. However, if the amount of alcohol is much, I suggest you to go to the hospital to accept the professional washing for the eyes.