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Does what you eat affect eye color?

Sometimes our eye color changes. i want to know if the change of eye color has something to do with our diet? Any idea?
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  • walkinginlight


    When the eyes change the colors, you'd better take the notice and check the life pace and diet. For example, when it turns blue in the white of the eyes, it means that you lack the steel resource in the inner body. You should eat more food with Fem, such as the pig liver, pig blood, sesame paste, longan, black beans, chicken liver and so on. After you have eaten the contraceptive, your eyes may turn green. In addition, if the eyes are too dry which can be caused by seeing in front of computers for a long time, the eyes may become red which means that you should eat more food with vitamin C, such as milk, tea and so on. Thus, what we eat has a great relation with the color of our eyes. You'd better keep a good diet.
  • Lauren


    I saw somewhere online said that eat raw food diet can cause someone's iris lighter. In fact, i didn't find any evidence to prove that. And most of people believe that it is a genetic trait. Your eye color can be resulted from genetic factors not your diet. If you want to change the eye color, it seems impossible. But there are so many colors of contact lenses you can choose. So, you can choose any color you like to help change your look.
  • Ieff


    The change of eye color has nothing to do with our diet. This change is just a procedure and a law of nature. When we are born and we get older, the color of our eyes is changing too. In fact the color of our eyes depends on our genetic gene unless you get some diseases.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    The change of eye color has nothing to do with our diet. Eye color depends on the quantity of coloring matter in the iris. In the iris, there are two different brown coloring matters. One is in the epithelial cells behind the iris, the coloring matter is large grained with deep color and arranged closely, and it never changes. The other one is small with shallow color, which increases as age grows. The color of the iris differs with race, if the color is abnormal, watch out the latent diseases. Eye color has something to do with heredity and diseases, diet cannot change it.

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