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Adam peters


How to stop contacts from drying out?

i have acuvue contacts and what can i do to keep my contact lenses from getting dry out. Any idea?
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  • Juan


    When you don't wear the contact lenses, you'd better put your acuvue contacts in the solution to get rid of the bacterium on the contact lenses and keep the contact lenses wet. If you wear the contact lenses and feel dry, I suggest you to take them off and let the eyes have a good rest.
  • Josh


    To stop contact lenses from drying out, the most effect way and easy is to use eye drops. You can prepare a bottle of eye drops and use one or two drops when you feel eye dry with wearing contact lenses. But this is not a good idea in long run. If you want to keep your eyes health, you'd better not wear contact lenses. Buy some nice prescription eyeglasses instead.
  • Dawn C.


    It is essential for keeping your contact lenses moist to ensure your eyes health. Hence, you should often take lubricating eye drops with you. Firstly, you tilt your head up, and hold your eyelids open with your fingers. Then, you should drop two or three drops into each eye. After that, you should repeat blink, and wipe more solution from corners of your eyes. You should do this when you feel you have dry eyes or your eyes are hurt.
  • Jackson raphael


    Well, it is normal to have dry-out contacts. So there are some tips you can follow to solve this problem. For example, before you touch a contact lens, you should always clean your hands carefully for they are so soft that they tend to stick to the first thing they touch. Then, you should keep the contact lens in the case for a few hours until it unravels. Whether or not the contact was dry, most contact solution directions require contacts to be cleaned for a minimum of four hours when they are not in your eyes. Maybe you can just pay more attention to these little things which can affect your dry-out contacts.

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