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Melissa duncan


What is the advantages of prescription reading glasses over OTC reading glasses?

What is the advantages of prescription reading glasses over OTC reading glasses? Is it bad to wear over the counter reading glasses?
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  • emo_pain_818


    For most of people, they think that wearing OTC reading glasses (over-the-counter reading glasses) are quick, easy and inexpensive way to solve presbyopia. That because there are over-the-counter reading glasses designed to fit as many potential buyers as possible that allow customers buy it quickly without waiting for optician to fill them. However, prescription reading glasses are accurate and suitable for your vision requirements since they are specially designed for individuals according to one's prescription. So, for the sake of safe, you'd better buy prescription reading glasses. And right now, cheap prescription reading glasses can be found in many online optical shops.
  • Kevin lee


    OTC reading glasses are ready made reading glasses.They have the same power in both lenses. If you have different power in each eye or you have astigmatism, you'd better not get OTC reading glasses which can't correct astigmatism, either. However, prescription reading glasses are customised glasses which can fit you properly. Prescription reading glasses can be made to correct astigmatism and can meet the needs for different prescription in each eye. Moreover, you have better choices for lens materials. You will get less eye strain if you wear prescription reading glasses because they are made specially for you.
  • Marissa


    By OTC reading glasses, we mean those ready-made ones that can suit general customers' visual need. It is a matter of "more or less", instead of "being exact", while prescription reading glasses exactly cater for your every visual need with precise prescription. It will do more good to your visual health, trust me!