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Why do older people need reading glasses?

It seems almost every old people need reading glasses. Why? Can aging make our eyesight worse?
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  • walkingfetus


    As a matter of fact, with the growth of age, most old people will find themselves have difficulty in close work such as reading or sewing. It is called presbyopia. Most people will develop presbyopia around the age of 40, or even yonger. It's a natural aging process. The older we are, the weaker the process of metabolism is, and the poorer vision we will have. To saves the energy for the older people to see the near things, reading glasses is the effective way. However, if someone who are going to be wearing them for blurred vision, it is worth it to get an professional eye exam. They are expensive but worth it in consideration of your eyes. This is the reason why reading glasses are often applied for old people.
  • Brandon cook


    Yeah, you are right. Many people more than 40 years old have to wear reading glasses when they want to do some reading. Because the kind of old man suffered the far sighted. According to the professional experts, when we want to see some staff in the distance, the tiny muscles will push and pull on our lens to change its shape, which will change its overall refractive power. Then, as the people are aging, the lens becomes stiffer, which will result in making it harder for the tinny muscle to change its shape. Consequently, the eyes can not have a full range of focus that will let the people see less clearly. At this time, the people have to rely on the reading glasses to do the focusing for us. Of course, if you find you have the mentioned above problem, you can ask the reading glasses to help you out. However, if you have been already with glasses for nearsighted, you can also wear the bifocals or progressive addition lenses. Good luck.
  • b1wdancer23


    When people get older, their eyes will become presbyopia. They will find it difficult to see things near. And the main role of the reading glasses is to help people see things near clearly. That is why a lot of old people wear reading glasses when they read newspapers or other things. The aging will make the eyesight become worse. That is the natural progress for human development.