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greg t


Can wheat allergy cause itchy eyes?

Is it possible to get itchy eyes because of wheat allergy? Any suggestion?
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  • Lex


    Yes, it is very possible. Itchy eyes are common symptoms of the pink eye triggered by allergic reaction. At the same time you probably develop swelling eyelids, watery eyes and increased sensitivity to light. If you know that you are allergic to wheat and you just happen to get in touch with it, you should at least wash your hands thoroughly and flush your eyes with water to get rid of possible allergens. Get the room with fresh air through air purifier and see if symptoms would get relieved. Normally speaking, allergic conjunctivitis would clear out if you are out of touch with allergens. If you find your symptoms lingering or worsening or you got fever and headache, go to hospital at once to avoid any worse result.
  • jimjames


    Yes. For some people with wheat allergy can get itchy eyes. Besides, some people with wheat allergy may also suffer hives, nausea, difficulty breathing or swelling of the throat etc. In fact, wheat allergy occurs to people who have built up a specific antibody to wheat protein. When they intake wheat, the body believes that the wheat is harmful. As the result, the body will produces an allergy-causing antibody to fight the wheat protein. If you are one of them, you'd better not eat any food with wheat protein.


    That's absolutely true. No matter what gallery they are, itchy eye must be occurred. Dust, cat, bacteria and something else are all allergy source. And people who are allergic to foreign matters may suffer burning, itchy, redness and pain in eyes. Common wheat allergy symptoms are asthma, wheeze occurrence, vomiting, swelling in the face or mouth, itchy eyes and headaches. At this moment, stay away wheat as far as possible. And do not rub eyes with dirty hands. Then turn to a doctor for help.
  • walkingthepaths


    Yes, it is possible for you to get itchy eyes because of wheat allergy. Your eyes will get uncomfortable when you are allergic. Your eyes may be red. You'd better find the clean cloth and hot water to make your eyes feel comfortable. In addition, you could also use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. In a word, you'd better use the medicine with anti-inflammation to release the allergic symptom.

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