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Can lack sleep cause lazy eye?

Is it possible to get lazy eyes because of lacking sleep? What are the side effects on eyes if i chronic lacking of sleep?
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  • ct_exposed


    We all know that lazy eye is a kind of eye disorders. Medically, lazy eye calls amblyopia, which can affect the visual system that is characterized by a vision deficiency in an eye. Although lazy eye can be caused by many factors, such as stress, disorder in brain and look something only in one direction, lacking of sleep is hard to cause laze eyes. Sleeping disorder are really associated with eye problems. First, inadequate sleep must lead to puffy eyes, especially when you wake up in morning. I don't think they are popular with people. Second, lack of sleep also lead to eye pain and red eyes. If you chronic lacking of sleep, not only your eyes, but also your whole body will be affected. Your immune system must be the worst condition that caused by lacking of sleep. Next cold, fever will follow you. So no matter in any condition, adequate sleep is the essential thing to do everyday.
  • cheryl


    I didn't see any proof about possibility of developing lazy eyes from lacking sleep. It is difficult to foresee the side effects on eyes if you are chronic lacking sleep, after all I know nothing about your background information. Lacking sleeping is very bad for health indeed. It cause redness of eyes, eye bags and dark circles under eyes. It make people look tired ( people are really tired) and old with no lutre. I once heard that sleeping is the best cosmetic which gives people glossy and moist skin. And I also knows that during the evening, it is also a time for many organs to have a rest, for example liver and kidney. According to resources, people begin to expel toxin of liver at 11:00 every night. If you didn't go to sleep at that time, your liver can't expel the toxin well. Anyway, I think good living habit is vital to longevity. Have a good sleep tonight!
  • Eliza


    Usually people with lazy eyes are born to be because of genetic genes. However, the bad habit of using eyes will always cause the lazy eyes. The lacking sleep will make your eyes have the blood crush easily which cause the damage of the eyes nerves. If you get chronic lacking of sleep, you may have the dark circles around your eyes. In addition, you will have the blurry vision. There are many other additional side effects on eyes which you need to pay attention to.

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