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Diane Rhone


What are the effects of aging on eyesight?

Will my eyesight become worse when i grow gold? Or what are the effects of aging on eyesight?
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  • cauliflowerbat


    It's natura circle of life. Not only eyes will get worse day by day, but also all organs will stop working gradually with your ages increasing. When we grow old, the cells can not afford our needs and the ametabolism has slow down. Eye sight cannot escape such fate as well. Visual perception is the ability to interpret the surrounding environment by processing information that is contained in visible light, which known as eyesight, vision and sight. The reason why we can assimilate information from environment just because we have a visual system, and the most important part of it is retinal, which is in the black of eyes. But with time flies, retinal also grows older, the sensitive ability begins to fall down, even not work any more. All light -sensitive must through retina, then images can occur in our eyes. When we grow old, retina also grows old and it cannot still have enough power and energy to service us. That's why that our sight becomes worse day by day.
  • Erin


    Yes, aging will affect eyes and we can't aviod it since this is a natural process. When people getting old, they may suffer presbyopia. and eyes become yellow and tearing etc. Besides, some older people also get smaller eye socket, and pupils. To see better, most of older people need reading glasses. And personally, older people shall choose small framed eyeglasses which can help them achieve a better look.
  • walkwithmir


    It is hard to predict your eyesight decades later after all vision system is so complicated. As to effects of aging on eyes, there are many possibilities. When we are young, our muscles and lenses are flexible which can adjust to provide a clear image. Yet as we grow old, we are losing collagen in muscles and elasticity of lenses, we found it very difficult to get focus on up-close objects. Any up-close vision is blurry and exhausting, which is called presbyopia, a very common eye problem for people above 40s. Cataract is another common problem for aged people. It is the leading cause to vision impairment for old people. Long term exposure to sunlight would increase the risk of developing cataract or accelerate the growing speed of cataract. There are too many possibilities that I can't explain all in details. All I know is that we should protect our eye to maintain a better vision no matter we are young or old.
  • Kathleen


    Yes, your eyesight will become worse when you grow old. As we know, old people will easily get the presbyopia because of the natural development at the body. They will see things near hard and have to wear the reading glasses to help them see clearly. At the same time, the old will have other eyes problems, like cataracts and glaucoma. Thus, people with old age should take care of their eyes.
  • Tyler charles


    There are many factors that contribute to vision problems, eyes becoming used to always wearing glasses, genetics, infections, etc. Ever so often I would take off the glasses and perform these tasks; Without moving your head, Look all the way to the left, then to the right, look all the way up and all the way down. Look at something far away then at something close. Blink and repeat the exercises for a few minutes. This will help some with the eyes but may not be a cure all. Genetics and age are all factors, eye muscles can become weaker, the optic nerve and other factors come into play. I hope this helps.
  • sudha sharma


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