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Catherine lewis


How to protect your eyes from uv rays?

I heard that sunlight contains of uv rays which is harmful to eyes. So, How can i protect the eyes from UV rays.
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  • Angela tuener


    Eyes, just like the other parts of the body, are easily be damaged because of the sun exposure, so we should take care of our eyes when we bask in the sun. According to the experts, the UV rays can cause damage to the cornea and the lenses as well. Of course, there are some ways to help you protect your eyes. For example, when you are doing something under the sun, you should wear the sunglasses, which will keep UV Ray out of your eyes. In addition, you can use some sunscreen products before going outside, especially around the skin in your eyes to avoid the eye wrinkles. Last but not the least, some certain medications also can help you protect your eyes under the sun, such as the tetracycline, sulfa drugs, because these kind of medication can increase your body's, including your eyes', sensitivity to UV radiation.
  • b2sweet16


    The uv rays carried by sunlight is really harmful to eyes. And i heard my eye doctor saids that long time exposure to the sunlight with naked eyes will develop cataracts. So, to shiled eyes from UV rays in the sun is very important especially in summer. And the best and easiest way to protect eyes from UV rays is wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses not only prevent UV rays into eyes, but also reduce intensive sunlight, thus give you comfortable vision in the sun. So, just ahead.
  • emi47678


    Ultraviolet (UV) light is simply a set of light rays too short to be seen by the human eye. So scientist invent sunglasses to protect our eyes. The tints in the lenses of sunglasses can keep UV lights from reaching our eyes. And certain colors can block UVB light. Amber and brown tints are especially useful at absorbing UV light to prevent eye damage. Sunglasses labeled "UV-400" should offer good protection from the sun. So chose a proper pair of sunglasses for yourself.
  • candylndsuicide


    Yes, the sun light contains a lot of uv rays which will be so bad for the eyes. It will cause the damage on the eyes surface. If you have to be outside for a long time, you'd better wear the sunglasses which are with special coating part to protect your eyes from the uv rays. There are many kinds of sunglasses in the store which you could go and have a search.

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