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Can I change the lenses of over the counter reading glasses?

I need different power in each eye, +1.25 in the left and +2.00 in the right. I wonder if I can get two different pairs of OTC reading glasses (one pair of +1.25 and one pair of +2.00) and then change the lenses of them to make them correct for my prescription. Then I have two pairs of perfect reading glasses. Is that possible?
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  • walkyr


    I am afraid you can't. The lenses of the OTC reading glasses cannot be replaced with new lenses, otherwise it will damage the lens or the frame. As you have different power in both eyes, you'd better get customised reading glasses which can fit your eyes properly. So you should go to see an eye doctor and have your eyes checked. Then the optician will prescrible a pair of reading glasses for you.
  • Derek T.


    Technically, you can do that. But why make things so complicated? If you want to get two pair of reading glasses, why not use your prescription to buy two pairs of reading glasses directly from glasses shops or optometrists ? To take good care of your eyes, over the counter reading glasses are not recommended. You'd better make an appointment with an optometrist or ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam and a proper eye glass prescription. And use that prescription to order reading glasses that fit for your eyes.
  • Arianna walker


    Maybe you can. But it is difficult to change the lenses with different pairs of OTC reading glasses. Maybe the lens of one pair of OTC reading glasses cannot fit the frame of the other pair of OTC reading glasses. Since you have different power in each eye, I suggest you go to an optical shop to get prescritpion reading glasses which can fit you properly. Otherwise, the improper reading glasses can cause vision problems.
  • Makayla raphael


    Of course you can. If your prescription no longer suffice your visual need, you shall first consult with your optometrist and determine your exact prescription. Then ask him to prescribe the lenses with the precise lenses power you need and have the previous lenses changed. Everything will go off without a hitch!

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