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How much do designer oversized sunglasses for women usually cost?

I want a black oversized sunglasses for women where people can't see your eyes when they look at you. I am considering the designer oversized sunglasses like Oakley, Rayban, how much do they usually cost?
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  • Pete


    If you looking for Oakley or Rayban designer sunglasses, you may prepare much money. It is really expensive to buy such brand sunglasses. It may takes hundreds of dollars. Or maybe you can search it online that may likely get it at cheaper prices. Or if you want stylish and cheap sunglasses, you can also search it in Google. And websites like Amazon, ebay are good places to go. What's more, you can also visit some online optical shop like firmoo where also sold cheap but stylish oversize sunglasses with good quality.
  • emale2222


    Designer oversized sunglasses like Oakley, Rayban are very expensive. They may cost you hundreds of dollars. I don't think it is necessary to buy designer oversized sunglasses, especially for people who have poor budget. I would get oversized sunglasses from other online optical stores which are much cheaper than the designer oversized sunglasses.
  • walker626


    I never buy brand designer sunglasses like Oakley or Rayban because they are expensive. In fact, we can get fashion style, good eye protection from come cool oversized sunglasses ( maybe no made from brands sunglasses). From my experiences, you can get good quality and stylish oversized sunglasses about 40$ at And they also offer free glasses to new buyers. So, have a try.

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