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why are my eyes sore when i move them

I don't have headaches before this happens. But now my head aches when my eyes sore. Can you tell me what's wrong with my eyes or head? How to cure this?
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  • gerard


    Dear friend, if you strain your eyes when you look at your computer screens, or books, you may suffer from sore eyes. At this time, your eyes may be dry. You can use some artificial tears to relieve your symptom. Or maybe you are allergic to something. If it is an allergy problem, you can try some natural eye drops. And It might be a sinus headache. If it is really bothersome and doesn't go away, you should talk to a doctor. Hope you will feel better soon!
  • Randy C


    I have experienced this before. I often drink a bunch of water, because I think it was caused by dehydration. Your eyes are dry at this moment. Water can help moisten your eyeball. You can also get some eye drops to relieve the symptom. But if it doesn't work a few days later, you need to see your eye doctor. I think the headaches are associated with your eyes. Of course you can take some pills to relieve your headache. But I will not recommend you to do this before you know what caused it.