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Why is my right eye getting blurry?

I have had blurred vision in my right eye for almost two weeks. But the eyesight of my left eye doesn't change. I am a current contact user. Is there any problem with my eyes? What will cause the blurred vision in one eye?
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  • hill


    As you are a current contact user, the time you wear your contacts and the nights when you sleep in your contacts may affect your vision. I think you may have inflammation of your cornea which was caused by overuse of contact lens. You can give up contacts for few weeks. And this will require pharmaceutical intervention as well. I recommend you to see an ophthalmologist for he or she can determine what prescription medicine you may need.
  • Carlos rodney


    I have had the same complaints as you. You may have ocular herpes. It always affects just one eye. The symptom is blurred vision. You can use steroid and anti-viral drops to solve your problems. But there may be some possibility that you get your right eye infected. I suggest you to see your eye doctor first before using the drops.

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