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How can I improve my eyesight without glasses or surgery? Are there any proven eye exercises to do in a month?

I have to pass a job related medical eye exam in one month and my vision is just beyond the requirements, but surgery and the use of glasses or contacts is not allowed. Are there any eye exercises or techniques I can do now to help me pass? If so what are they and how often should they be performed? Also should I not wear my glasses or contacts until then to help train my eyes. Thanks!
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  • 04/12/2012

    Sit in a calm place and close your eyes to relax.Then open your eyes and look at the green plants far away with concentrating your eyes.Stop watching TV and using the computer, which may affect your sight.
  • eminentpraise


    What? You want to improve your eyesight within a month. You are my godness! I have never heard that anyone can improve their eyesight within a month. Eye exercise can't do that for you. You must consider lasik eye surgery.
  • Debra Havel


    I suggest you to stop watching TV or playing computer games if you are addicted to them. Besides, you need to keep a healthy diet to supplement your eyes with enough nutrients. Fruits that contain large quantity of vitamins are good for your eyes. You also need to do some eye exercise. But I suggest you to consult your eye doctor that which kind of eye exercise is suitable for you. And then you need to persist on doing this every day. I'd like to remind you that look into greens trees and grass in the distance is better than view things at nearby. Hope this helped!
  • Kelly


    I doubt that. Usually it will take a long time to get any sign of improvement by doing eye exercise. Say about 3 months. But you don't have enough time. So I suggest you to let this chance go and find another chance. Meantime, practice your eyes with eye exercise. Maybe you can find a better job later. Hope you can get another chance soon!

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