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Connor nelson


What are the side effects of monovision contacts?

Can anyone tell me the side effects of monovision contacts?
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  • Angela tuener


    During the period of adjustment, monovision contacts may cause blurred or double vision, nausea, headaches, dizziness and general discomfort. Some people may find that their eyes are easy to get tired when reading. And they may see halos or glare around the lights in the evening.
  • Jason


    People who have normal stereo vision may suffer the loss of depth perception which is caused by monovision contacts. So drivers shouldn't wear monovision contacts, especially when they are driving at night. Because it is very dangerous due to the loss of depth perception.
  • bell


    Monovision sometimes leads certain patients to a dilemma that it may bring neither perfect distance vision nor clear close vision. In addition, the two eyes may be not in perfect coordination so that depth perception is affected. Monovision contact lenses’ fitting requires more skills and more time. The wearer’s vision dissatisfaction can be magnified even by a slight change in the lens power, which may also spend several days to adjust.
  • Benji


    The common side effect is that many people find it difficult to get used to monovision contacts, especially for people who are firmly binocular. I have the problem to get used to them, too.
  • Sue.


    Yes I had monvision done, not by choice,I hate it giving me bad headache so much, can't drive without glasses at night, like having one high heel shoe on and one flat shoe, horrible, eyes should be the same most of humans are born with same sight distance, very unhappy, with the eye doctor.