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Paige warren


Difference between reading glasses & glasses for farsighted people?

And, another question. If they are supposed to be both + lenses, why do farsighted people (even children) usually wear their glasses permanently while people whose eyes are just getting too old to focus properly only wear them for reading? Isn't it supposed to be the same?
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  • 04/13/2012

    No. reading glasses and glasses for farsighted people are not supposed to be the same because they are used for two different conditions. However, both types of glasses are plus lenses. reading glasses don't have enough ability to change the power of the lens inside the eye to focus on near objects, but those people have normal distance vision. They only need glasses to read , so it is normal for people who are over 40 to wear reading glasses. Farsightedness People under age 40 can change the power of their lens to clear the distance but it may cause double vision, headache and eye strain, so they usually wear their glasses full time to relieve the strain.
  • Zoe


    Reading glasses and farsighted glasses are totally different things. They apply to different people. Reading glasses are usually made for people suffered from presbyopia. And presbyopia is an aging problem that often occurs to people over 40 years old. While farsighted glasses are made for people who have suffered from farsightedness. And this vision defect is not caused by aging. Besides, there are Over The Counter reading glasses for people with presbyopia, but here is no such a thing Over The Counter glasses for farsighted people. So, they are different essentially.
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  • Robert ja


    Reading glasses are designed for people who have presbyopia because they are getting too old to focus properly. And farsighted glasses are made for people with hyperopia that occurs to young or middle aged people. Although both of them are signs of + and the glasses are help them look near subjects. They are different in essential. Anyway, if you have farsightedness or prebyopia, just take your prescription, you will get the proper reading glasses/ farsighted glasses.