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Jacqueline walker


Why do I need reading glasses at 20 years old?

Reading is one of my favorite activites. Now, i feel vision blur when i read books. It is just a accident that i find that i can wear my grandmothers reading glasses. And wearing her glasses, i can get clear vision when i red books. That's shock me. Am i got presbyopia? I am just 20 years old. Should i wear reading glasses?
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  • 04/12/2012

    People who get over 40 usually need reading glasses to focus on near objects.But it is actually very common to need them at any age because people may have farsight at any age due to different reasons.
  • Bruce Robot


    According to your description, you may got some vision problem. Since presbyopia often occurs people over 40 years old because of aging, you may not got presbyopia but hyperopia. Though the reason of hyperopia is different from presbyopia. But both of them can cause problem of near vision. So, i suggest you get an eye examination first for sure. If you really got hyperopia, you'd better by special prescription eyeglasses to correct vision. And remember that not wear others eyeglasses, or it may make your vision more serious.